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The Bowtie method is a risk assessment technique that can be used to analyse and communicate how major accident scenarios develop. The method takes its name from the shape of the diagram that is created, which looks like a man’s bowtie.

The Bowtie method has several goals:

  • Provide a structure to systematically analyse a hazard.
  • Help make a decision whether the current level of control is sufficient (or, for those who are familiar with the concept, are we ALARP?).
  • Help identify where and how investing resources would have the greatest impact.
  • Making risk communication as effective as possible.

The training will enable delegates, particularly those not skilled in the area of risk assessment, to undertake and actively participate and contribute to the process. Delegates will also learn how to use the Bowtie XP software to facilitate and undertake risk analysis, how to link barriers and control to risk management systems and procedures. 

The output of the Bowtie risk assessment is a presentation of risks in pictorial form (see Figure 1). The Bowtie diagram shows the causes (or threats) of an accidental event, its consequences, and the ‘barriers’ in place to prevent, mitigate, control or recover. The diagrams are easily understandable and provide an effective means of risk communication to the workforce. An exemplar Bowtie diagram is shown in Figure 1

    Target Audience

    • Safety Managers and Supervisors;
    • Technical and Process Safety Engineers
    • Verification and compliance coordinators
    • Project Managers
    • Personnel accountable for technical and non-technical risk management
    • Operations and maintenance personnel and supervisors
    • Asset integrity engineers and managers
    • Project engineers and discipline engineers
    • Graduates or recent hires with science or engineering background
    • Anyone looking to gain an appreciation for process and technical safety

      Course Duration

      The training will be delivered over a period of 2 working days. This is necessary to ensure all topics and associated exercises are adequately covered at the appropriate level. Delegates are therefore required to attend the entire duration of the program to gain full appreciation of the topics and to equip them such that they are able to confidently apply the knowledge and make value-adding contribution on projects.

        Learning Outcomes

        Upon completion, delegates will acquire in-depth knowledge of :


        Discover alternative, highly effective and proven approach to risk assessment and management;


        Improve understanding of how risks and their controls can be communicated to stakeholders and the workforce.


        Learn how to apply the methods and use the Bowtie XP software to its full potentials.


        Visualise by means of Bowtie XP how hazards, threats and control interact, and how this information can be linked to SMS, and used to develop procedures and training plans


        Improve understanding of how to engage active workforce participation in risk assessment and Safety Case Development.


        Date: 15th – 16th March (virtual)

        BowTie Risk Management


        Date: 4th – 5th October (virtual)

        BowTie Risk Management

        Course Tutor


        Tayo Olusanya

        Tayo Olusanya


        Tayo Olusanya (C.Eng., MIChemE, PPSE) – Over 20 yrs. experience with more than 18 yrs. in process safety engineering in upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of the energy industry.

        More Info

        He has been delivering process safety engineering training courses since 2012 including Hazard Identification, BowTie Risk Management and Quantitative Risk Assessment. He has trained delegates in Nigeria, Ghana, and in Europe. He is currently a volunteer competency assessor with IChemE UK for Professional Process Safety Engineering (PPSE) Registration His career has seen him work and consulted for some of the largest and most reputable energy companies in the world locally and internationally where he led multinational teams of process safety engineers and delivered complex process safety engineering work scopes on multi-billion-dollar projects (Concept, FEED, Detailed Design, Hook up & commissioning), and major brown field upgrades. He has written over 25 regulator approved Safety Cases for major hazard installations, chaired numerous process safety workshops (HAZOPs, Design reviews HAZIDs, Bowties, LOPAs) and completed many process and technical safety studies.’

        Seyi Olusanya

        Seyi Olusanya


        Seyi is a seasoned entrepreneur with experience cutting across energy, IT and financial technology industries. He is a Founding Partner of Melios Ltd, and a Director and Co-founder of Nest an integrated business and financial services platform.

        More Info
        With a background in software engineering and practical hands-on finesse in technical and enterprise risk, finance and business strategy development acquired over a decade, He provides much needed strategic and innovative focus that drives growth in Melios.

        He is a certified Bowtie XP Trainer.

        He is a member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), a Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (MIET). Education: University of West Midland (MSc.); Bristol University (B.Eng).

        “The quality and content of the training material is of world standard”

        – Quality Supervisor, Caverton Helicopters


        BowTie Risk Management 



        2 Day - Intensive Training Event


        Price - $150



        Course Syllabus

        Bowtie Risk Analysis
        • Risk management and Bowtie
        • Bowtie Methodology Theory
        • Interactive Bowtie Workshop
        • Best Practices
        Development of Bowtie using Bowtie XP
        • Bowtie XP Software Introduction and Demonstration
        • Diagram Building, Evaluation and Feedback
        • Reports and Output
        • Advanced Features
        Case Studies and Group Exercise
        • Summary and Review
        • Case study and Group Exercise

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