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Enterprise Risk Management

ERM gap assessment and benchmarking | Enterprise Risk Identification, Assessment, Management and Communication.


Managing financial risks and optimiseing the efficiency your operations?

Enterprise Risk Management

Organisations are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to sustain growth, expand and maintain market footprint, increase profit whilst keeping costs as low as reasonably practicable. The strategy to implement this cocktail of priorities is often undermined by limited or lack of understanding of the inherent risks, which historically has resulted in companies becoming a victim of their own success or suffering premature end to a promising future.

At Melios Ltd, we deploy a combination of unique knowledge and experience of risk management built over decades across different regulatory and geographical jurisdictions including Europe, Africa, Middle East and America, and bespoke well proven software tools to lay bare the inherent risk within an organisation. Our approach, which is consistent with the principles of COSO ERM and ISO 31000 Standards, helps organisations unearth hidden risks, understand exposures, identify assess and effectively manage significant risks.

Specific ERM services offered by Melios include:

  • ERM gap assessment and benchmarking against international standards
  • Enterprise Risk Identification, Assessment, Management and Communication
  • Development and implementation of Enterprise Risk Management Systems
  • Technical, Economic and Commercial Due Diligence
  • Enterprise Risk Management Training
  • Compliance Gap Assessments
  • Commercial and Economic Due Diligence


Frequently Asked Questions

there are so many risk studies which study do i start with?

We would carry out a gap assessment and recommend relevant risk studies that would be most beneficial to you.

typically, how long does it take to conduct a study?

Based on experience of carrying out similar projects, Melios will estimate the length of time it will take to complete all deliverables which can range from 4 to 16 weeks or more. A project schedule will however be determined in joint agreement with you upon award of the contract.

what are the financial benefits of these studies?

our primary focus is delivering on quality and adding value to your business. We are passionate about what we do and would go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. We aim to have a positive effect on your bottom line by reducing risk, protecting life and optimising operational efficiency.

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