Case Study


Safety Critical Barrier (SCB) Management and Risk Communication  

– Case Description

The Safety Critical Barrier (SCB) Management and Risk Communication project was commissioned to enhance monitoring of SCB health status, to improve understanding and visualization of major scenario exposure resulting from failing SCBs and to effectively operationalize major risk information contained in safety study reports such as Technological Risk Assessment, Major Risk Register, Safety Concept etc.

Project Summary

The project scope entailed deployment of Melios software application REVARSTM on Dalia as a pilot to facilitate monitoring of SCBs health status and vulnerability to major scenarios utilizing data from UNISUP and other sources where Functional Locations [FLOCS) and their integrity status are stored, and subsequent role out to other assets.
Melios streamlined the functional locations and safety critical tasks associated with the asset, creating a relationship model that enabled application of the algorithm in REVARSTM to provide live barrier health status and vulnerability to major accident hazards.

Key Value Drivers

• Ability to harnesses and leverage on vast existing field data on Safety Critical Barriers (SCB) to give reliable overall vulnerability to major risks across multiple assets at a click
• Management visualisation of asset/ company vulnerability to major risks from computer and mobile devices
• Enables informed, risk-based maintenance backlog prioritisation
• Combines the cumulative effect of temporary safeguards
• Combines the cumulative effect of failing/ out of service hardware (SECE) and human (SECA) barriers to determine vulnerability to major risks
• Enables dynamic visualisation of health status of SCBs and associated components (SECEs, SECA & Functional Locations) & their statistics 
• Enables informed risk based decision making on resource planning, allocation & deployment to reduce vulnerability to major risks
• Provides single, easily accessible repository of overridden SECE, SECA, and FLOCS.
• Locates the exact cause of major risk exposure with just a click
• Provides a robust, intelligent, and comprehensive platform for ALARP demonstration to stakeholders and regulators
• Improves safety, enhances operational efficiency on assets and reduces operational cost

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